Frequently Asked Questions

What is this 'Mantri DreamHomes App' all about?

  • This is a Facebook Integrated game of furnishing Mantri apartments - This app helps Mantri to get people familiarised about some of their projects and hence Mantri gives coupons in every quarter as a HUGE reduction in price to the winner of the quarter as well as the people who do pretty well with this game. Winner is decided based on the points you gather - You get points when your friends give rating to the Mantri DreamHome you’ve created, saved and shared. You may start with ‘Get Started’ if already logged into the app. Otherwise please click Login button on the top.

Why I have to Login app through Facebook? Why it is asking for permissions for friends list? Is it safe?

  • This app uses your Facebook Id for tracking your app points. This also uses your Facebook friends list to show their app points to you. App does not use any other data than this. This information will NOT be saved or shared and it will NOT trigger any notifications. Unless you allow this app to access your Facebook friends list, you would not be able to proceed with the app.

I want to talk to Mantri about 'Mantri DreamHome' coupons. How do I contact Mantri?

Where can I see 'Mantri DreamHomes' updates / results etc?

If I win Mantri DreamHome for a quarter, Can I buy my choice of Mantri apartment and redeem coupons?

  • Yes. You can redeem coupon you won for buying any apartment in India you choose to buy. If you are not buying , you may propose one of your friend to redeem the coupon!

These coupons are applicable for buying any Mantri apartments in India?

  • Yes!

How does winner for a quarter is determined?

  • Winner would be a Facebook user who gets maximum points in a quarter. Points are calculated based on the rating or appreciation your DreamHome gets from your Facebook friends. The logic of calculating scores can vary quarter by quarter . This would be directly proportional to rating or appreciation you get from your friends. Please click 'Coupons -> Current Coupons' menu to know more details of coupons

Where can I see my score/points / positions?

  • You can see your current position and score in 'Friend's DreamHomes' along with your friends' points

Can I transfer my coupons to my friend or relative?

  • Yes. You can do it if you are not planning to use your coupon for yourself. You would have to declare it in writting. We would be providing document format for the same.

What is the maximum amount of reduction in price I can get?

  • For a winner (only one person in India) of a quarter, it is 10% of the list price as of now. But this can change quarter by quarter. For example , you ( or your friend you propose in case you are not buying ) buys an appartment with list price 1 crore , you would get reduction of 10 lakhs

How do I start with my game?

  • Click 'My DreamHomes' menu on top
  • Select your favorite Mantri Project and one of the plan in it
  • You will see DreamHome environment loaded on your browser
  • Please click on pre-furnish button once plan is fully loaded
  • Click on walls and see color picker pops up
  • Click on 'Floor Design' menu on your right side and try changing floor designs
  • Click on 'Living Room' / 'Bed & Bath' / 'Dining & Kitchen' / 'Study Room' / 'Decorations' menu on right side menu of DreamHome platform and experiment with furnitures
  • Drag and place furnitures on appropriate place
  • If you want to rotate a furniture, click on 'Rotate' on top and click on furniture again
  • If you want to delete a furniture , click on 'Delete' on top and click on the furniture again
  • If you want to get back to 'Normal' mode to drag and position furniture , Please click Normal and drag your furnitures
  • If you think, you messed up and wants to start from pre-set design. click on 'pre-furnish' button
  • To see room information , pleae click on 'Room Info' toggle button
  • Please note you need to Save your DreamHome for it to be reflected to your friends
  • Please do 'Share' or 'Invite Friends' so that your DreamHome will be appreciated and you gets points to win this game!

Why I can’t see the person who is in top position?

  • Facebook allows us to show only your friends infomation.If your friend or you are in top position, you would see it in 'Friends DreamHomes'. By default you will see points of each of your friends in Facebook

How do I register for coupons?

  • Please click on 'Register for coupons' menu

Who will use my information filled through registration forms?

  • 'Mantri DreamHome' application is hosted and maintained by Catasta Technologies for Mantri Developers. Only these two companies will be seeing your data and we will be keeping this information within us. Mantri might contact you to understand your interests and preferences

How I can improve my chances to win for a quarter?

  • The only way to win is , by making a wonderful 'Mantri DreamHome' ,save it, share it , and request your friends to view and rate it!

What is the duration of this game?

  • It is for a quarter of an year. It repeats quarter by quarter

How do I share my ‘DreamHome’

  • Create a new 'DreamHome' or open existing one by clicking 'My DreamHomes' menu, save your DreamHome by clicking 'Save' and click 'Share' on right hand side menu.

I do not want to start from scratch. Can I start with a template or pre-set design?

  • Yes. Open your DreamHome and click Pre-furnish

How can I add furnitures?

  • Please checkout Furnitures , Furnitures++ and Decoration menu on right of DreamHome platform.

How do I move furnitures?

  • Ensure you clicked 'Normal' option on top. Now click on the furniture , drag and place it where you wish to

How do I rotate furnitures?

  • Click 'Rotate' option on top. followed by click of furnitures. It will rotate by 90 degrees on each click

How do I delete furnitures?

  • Click 'Delete' option on top. Now click on the furniture , that furniture would be deleted.

I do not see my DreamHome I did previously.. Why?

  • You might have forgot to 'Save' your DreamHome by clicking 'Save' button on top.

How can I share my DreamHome to Facebook?

  • Please ensure that you saved your latest change by clicking 'Save' button on top followed by clicking 'Share' on right side menu.

How can I invite my friends to view my DreamHome?

  • Please ensure that you saved your latest change by clicking 'Save' button on top followed by clicking 'Invite Friends' on right side menu.

I do not know which room is what? In other words , I do not know where are bed rooms and living rooms , kitchen etc?

  • Please click on 'Rooms Info' on top to see hint on type and size of rooms.

I want to delete all my furnishing in one shot. How can I do that?

  • Please click 'Reset' button on top of DreaHome platform.

How an I change my floor design?

  • Please click on 'Floor Design' menu on right side and explore the floor designs.

I do not see my latest Mantri DreamHome , when I share in Facebook . Why?

  • You need to 'Save' your DreamHome prior to Share to Facebook.

I do not see my friends who has DreamHomes in ‘Friend’s DreamHome’ menu? Why?

  • Your friends should have saved their DreamHome at least once for you to see it.

Even though I created my DreamHome , my points are still 0 . Why?

  • You get points only when somebody give rating on your DreamHome

How do I invite more friends into my DreamHome?

  • Click 'My DreamHomes' , select your project and plan. click 'Invite Friends' or 'Share' menu on your right.

Why I am not seeing all people who is playing ‘Mantri DreamHome’ ?

  • Facebook allows to pull information of only friends. So you can see points of only your friends.

How can I improve my points/score?

  • Only way to do is by getting more appreciation/rating from friends. Click 'My DreamHomes' , select your project and plan. click 'Invite Friends' or 'Share' menu on your right. And ask them to review your DreamHome and rate it.

How do I update the rating I did for my friend’s DreamHome?

  • Please do the rating again. It will overwrite previous one.

Can I create more than one DreamHome?

  • Yes. You can do it on all available plans.

How points are calculated?

  • We might be changing point calculation algorithms quarter by quarter. But be assured , it would be proportional to more appreciation you get from your friends

When and where I will be able to see the results?

  • On quarter end, it will be published on Facebook page of this app.

How do I know who is winning this game?

  • If winning person is in your friend list , you would see it.. But due to Facebook restrictions , we cant show information about the others.

I can’t work on this on mobile .. why?

  • This application need enough space in the screen to do operation effectively. This application is NOT designed for mobile

Can I share my coupons to someone else?

  • Yes. If you declare it in writing.

How do I declare transfer my coupons to my friend or relative?

  • We will be sharing forms to all coupon winners. And they can use it for declaring it.

Where should I report any issue related to app?

  • For anything related to coupons purchase of apartments , you should be contacting Mantri ( You may contact Mantri through Mantri Website) and all issues related to DreamHome, use 'Contact Us' menu on top

How should I contact Mantri for purchasing apartment redeeming coupons?

I want to buy apartment now and how can I redeem coupons when winner for the quarter is not declared yet?

How do I change colors of the wall in my DreamHome?

  • Just click on the wall to get color picker followed by selecting a color

How do I zoom the plan?

  • There is a slider on top left. Please use it.

Sometimes I get message like 'Facebook connection error - Please click Login button on top right corner to proceed.' why?

  • You might have some conflicting Facebook logins in any of the open browser and we are confused. If you click on Login button on top right, everything should be all right.

Make your virtual Dream Homes using this app, share it on Facebook and get ratings from your friends and thereby win coupons. You may pass coupon to buyers and make money.